Pre Installation Tips for Floating Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Today I’m going to talk about the pre installation part of installing and maintain your floating LVT (luxury vinyl tile) floor.  Whether you are using one of our certified installers or installing this product yourself, here are things you need to know before the installation process starts.

First, make sure you visually inspect each piece and that it is free of visual defects.   

When ordering the product, make sure you order a minimum of 10% extra to cover waste and trimming. Some patterns require more waste; therefore you may need to order more the 10% extra. 

When it comes to surface preparation, there are a few things you need to know. First, concrete and wood floors must be flat and level within 3/16” in a 10 foot span. Any large cracks or voids must be filled. Also, the jobsite must be cleaned and free of dirt and debris. Why this is important is because these imperfections can transfer through the product over time and you will see the debris and cracks marks on your floor from the backside. Make sure an approved subfloor is being used and never install the product over more than 1 layer of existing flooring.

Maintain 65-85 degrees in your home at all times. Make sure you acclimate the floor prior to installation. Each type of flooring may have different acclimation periods.

Most LVT’s are moisture/ water resistant and will withhold standing in water, however it isn’t designed to be submerged under water for an extend period of time. This is why this product is great for basements that have issues with moisture.

Congrats, now you are ready to install your new LVT flooring!!